Raffi Kodikian

Insurance Industry

In 2004, Raffi Kodikian started working in insurance in San Francisco as an administrative assistant and office manager. He quickly moved up the ranks and became an Assistant Broker. Raffi didn't wait long to start brokering his own accounts. He worked on both program and open-brokerage products and focused on Lawyers Professional Liability.

Since there are so many lawyers in California, Lawyers Professional Liability quickly became the core of the book. Since then, Raffi has added sections for companies of all sizes and in all kinds of fields of practice. Even though he has placed businesses in all 50 states, his main focus has been on California businesses, which have a market that is unlike any other in the country.

In 1997, Raffi Kodikian got a BA in Journalism from Boston's Northeastern University.

Raffi grew up in the Philadelphia area as a fan of the Eagles, but now he goes by the name Champ.